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F-SECURE FSEC Email and Server Security Ren 1y ED (FCGESR1EVXCIN)

F-SECURE FSEC Email and Server Security Ren 1y ED



Powerful real-time protection for email and file servers against the constantly evolving security threats, ensuring that infected computers do not spread viruses across the network.

Today’s challenges
Fighting malware in a corporate network can be costly and time-consuming, as malware can cause network disruptions, decreased productivity, corrupted data, and confidential data leaks. Even the reputation of the company can be in danger if it accidentally spreads viruses to its business associates. Keeping email and file servers safe is essential, as they are the first line of defense against online threats, such as spam and malware. Using servers as terminals to access the Internet brings even more challenges to IT security.

The solution
F-Secure E-mail and Server Security protects the most important elements of a company network, email, and file servers. With everything combined in one package, the solution is easy to install and maintain. F-Secure takes the server protection to a new level with a fast, efficient, and simple solution. The product can be centrally installed, configured, and managed with F-Secure Policy Manager. F-Secure E-mail and Server Security protects Windows, Citrix, and Microsoft Exchange servers. F-Secure Server Security is designed for file servers. Linux servers can be protected with F-Secure Linux Security.

Improved email and server protection
The latest version of F-Secure E-mail and Server Security includes enhanced security features, including behavior analysis and cloud-based white and black lists (DeepGuard). Browsing Protection shows which web sites are safe and blocks harmful sites. It also protects the computer against attacks that exploit web browser vulnerabilities.

Centralized management, reporting and alerting
The product can be installed remotely, and configured and monitored from one central location.

E-mail and Server Security
Combined Windows and Microsoft Exchange malware protection, including spam control. Managed with a web-based user interface or with F-Secure Policy Manager. Includes enhanced cloud-based protection with DeepGuard, Browsing Protection for terminal users and centralized quarantine management. Supports Windows, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Exchange, Terminal and Citrix servers.

Server Security
Includes award-winning F-Secure technologies to protect file servers against malware without slowing down the system.

Linux Security
The solution includes integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, integrity checker, protection against concealed rootkits, as well as comprehensive support for all major Linux distributions. It also supports the scanning of messaging content in an established system that uses third party solutions.

Policy Manager
F-Secure Policy Manager is a centralized management system that automatically notifies administrators of any security incidents or virus activity. Administrators can easily change and enforce security policies with it.

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